Nataliya Tkachenko

University of Oxford


Dr Nataliya Tkachenko leads the Data Science and AI theme at the Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme.

Nataliya is a computational environmental scientist, with the strong interests in prediction and mitigation of climate risks, models of sustainable production and consumption and socio-environmental adaptation. She holds two undergraduate degrees in Linguistics and Environmental Systems (Kyiv National University), MSc in Geoinformatics (AgroParisTech) and PhD in Data Science (University of Warwick).

Nataliya has been working on a number of research projects at the Department of Remote Sensing (University of Leicester), Civil and Structural Engineering (University of Sheffield), Life Sciences, Sociology and Computer Science (University of Warwick), predominantly on the topics of natural hazards prediction/mitigation, sustainable agriculture, water management, biodiversity, climate-sensitive designs and sub-surface resources. Her previous postdoctoral projects were funded by Nesta and the UK Ministry of Defence for work on the AI models of the spatial social risks and grassroots movements.

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