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Kanhu Pattnayak

University of Leeds


Dr. Kanhu Charan Pattnayak is a dedicated Research Fellow at the University of Leeds, focusing on climate risk analysis, particularly heat and flood risks, within the context of the UK Centre for Greening Finance and Investment.

Previously, Dr. Pattnayak served as a Senior Research Scientist at Singapore’s Centre for Climate Research, National Environment Agency. There, his work revolved around climate impact modeling, spanning critical sectors such as food, energy, water, and catastrophic risks. His strategic vision played a pivotal role in Singapore’s climate impact planning. Dr. Pattnayak excels in communicating research findings to policymakers, government entities, and industry partners, and his extensive publications have contributed significantly to advancing climate action. He actively cultivates collaborations with academic, industry, and government stakeholders.

During his tenure at the University of Leeds, UK, he contributed to research on African food security using crop models and conducted in-depth studies on the hydrological cycle in the Amazon basin. Additionally, his work at India’s NCMRWF focused on climate change impact research in South Asia.

Dr. Pattnayak holds a Ph.D. in Climate Science and a Master’s in Atmospheric Science. Furthermore, he is currently pursuing an Executive MBA at the Judge Business School, Cambridge University, showcasing his commitment to advancing his knowledge and leadership in the field.

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