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Acting on the climate crisis: Climate Financial Risk Forum (CFRF) case studies​

There is a shared responsibility across financial institutions and regulators to help steward the real economy to net zero. The Innovation Working Group of the Prudential Regulation Authority and Financial Conduct Authority’s Climate Financial Risk Forum seeks to highlight actionable innovation opportunities to mobilise financial capital and steward an economy-wide transition to meet climate targets.

Nigel Wilson, Group CEO, Legal & General chairs the Innovation Working Group and introduces a video series of practical pilots and emerging and active innovation activities across the sector as part of their 2021 report launch. In seeking to progress understanding, the Innovation Working Group of the Climate Financial Risk Forum is mindful that innovation is happening at pace, through the activities of multiple firms, public agencies and non-profits, nationally and internationally.

The case studies provided are not exhaustive, instead they seek to illustrate examples of leading-edge activities which are emblematic of innovation on levers of change in the financial system which could be scaled and replicated by others.


Legal & General

West Midlands Combined Authority

Green Finance Institute

Ice Breaker One

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