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The CGFI Leeds Innovation Hub is a place for financial institutions, academics, climate scientists, and analytics businesses to connect, collaborate, and innovate.

Supporting Innovation and Commercialisation 

Hosted at Nexus, University of Leeds, the Hub is a platform to connect wider UK science and innovation with financial institutions, focusing on climate and environmental analytics.

The Hub nurtures and supports a vibrant emerging ecosystem of enterprises providing climate and environmental analytics (CEA) to finance institutions.  

It provides a route by which needs are understood and the latest science is made accessible, commercialised, and exported globally, placing the UK as global leader for climate and environmental analytics for financial institutions.

The opening of the CGFI Innovation Leeds Hub is the next step in accelerating the use of climate and environmental risk analytics into institutional investment and finance.

Developing the next generation of financial climate risk analysts.

Developing the Next Generation of Financial Climate Risk Analysts

Programme: Placement and Internships

The demand for climate and environmental analytics (CEA) and data from financial institutions is growing rapidly. As financial sectors strive to navigate the complexities of incorporating climate science into their strategies, there emerges a crucial need to cultivate skills and expand talent capacity.


Exploration and Advancement of Climate Risk Analytics for the Building Society Sector

Breakout Session: 8 May 2024 - Building Societies Annual Conference

How well do you understand the impact of climate change on risk management? This session explored the significance of climate and environmental risk analytics in finance.

Collaborating for Impact: climate science and insurance industry practice.

Collaborating for Impact: climate science and insurance industry practice

Connect Event: 6 March 2024 - archived

A detailed discussion of four of the biggest challenges facing the insurance sector and how to align cutting edge climate science and practical applications in the insurance sector.

Net Zero Transition Plans: credibility and actions.

Net Zero Transition Plans: credibility and actions

Connect Event: 12 February 2024 - archived

Join us to learn more about how transition plans can enable the journey to net zero and climate resilience.

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Leeds Innovation Hub: opening

News: October 2023

We are delighted to announce the opening of the CGFI Leeds Hub, based at Nexus - University of Leeds.

Connecting the financial industry with environmental science

Meet and engage with leading climate scientists, financial institutes, and emerging climate, environment and analytic businesses. Build valuable connections and networks to exchange climate challenges, ideas, and solutions.

Knowledge exchange and raising the bar on application

Our roundtables - convening climate scientists, innovative entrepreneurs and financial sector leaders to share the latest perspectives on green financing challenges. Thought leadership - guiding ecosystem stakeholders with rigorous and empirically-robust insights on challenges faced by financial institutions. Placements - co-funded year-long placements bringing additional expertise, fresh perspectives and extra capacity to your project.

Innovation and early stage business support

Our developing programme of science sprints and hackathons, mentoring, and our early stage business incubator will support startups and growing businesses through every phase of their entrepreneurship journey.

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Contact Patricia Grant, Leeds Innovation Hub Manager,
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