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Placements & Internships

A programme designed to develop the climate risk analytics skills and talent pipeline for the finance sector

Financial Climate Risk Analytics Placement & Internship Programme

The demand for climate and environmental analytics (CEA) and data from financial institutions is growing rapidly. As financial sectors strive to navigate the complexities of incorporating climate science into their strategies, there emerges a crucial need to cultivate skills and expand talent capacity.

This programme plays a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of physical climate risk analysts, aiming to address the skills and talent challenges faced by the financial sector. It provides undergraduates and postgraduates with the opportunity to develop and refine their skills, gaining valuable industry experience.

By co-creating challenge led problems with financial institutions, this is a unique opportunity for the sector not only to stay ahead in addressing the climate-related challenges facing their organisations, but also to enhance their teams with diverse skills and fresh perspectives. By engaging with this initiative, financial institutes and CEA businesses can tap into a pool of emerging talent, injecting new ideas and capabilities that contribute to more robust, resilient, and forward-thinking strategies.

As the financial landscape continues to evolve in response, taking advantage of this programme offers a strategic advantage in the Net Zero agenda.

The programme provides opportunities to host both full-time undergraduate placements lasting 9-12 months and part-time postgraduate internships lasting 3-6 months, supported by a mentor from UK CGFI.

To explore hosting a undergraduate placement or postgraduate researcher internship, contact:


  • Host a part-time intern 3-6 months postgraduate researcher / full-time undergraduate 9-12 months  
  • Dedicated resource to address a specific challenge
  • Co-created project scope with UK CGFI input 
  • Bring the latest talent to your business
  • Option for the UK CGFI to co-fund placement’s salary
  • Access to UK CGFI’s network of world leading climate science
  • UK CGFI mentor support for the student
  • Many students return to their host after graduation
  • Paid employment for part-time 3-6 months postgraduate researcher  / full-time 9-12 months undergraduate 
  • Opportunity to apply your analytics and modelling skills  
  • Develop written and oral communication skills for the sector’s audience
  • Work on a sector specific co-created challenge led problem
  • Broaden your network in a multi-disciplinary, cross-sectoral environment
  • Supported by a sector supervisor and UK CGFI mentor

Placement & internship opportunities

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