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The Greenhouse

Blue banner with the Undaunted logo - tackling climate change with innovation.

The Greenhouse is the climate innovation accelerator programme of Undaunted, a partnership between Imperial College London and the Environment and the Royal Institution. The Greenhouse supports the growth of young, sustainable businesses looking to tackle climate change.

CGFI are working with Undaunted to support climate fintech startups, as part of our work to nurture an ecosystem of climate and environmental analytics providers.

"Transforming Finance for a greener future will require breakthrough innovation in climate data and analytics, That’s why CGFI are delighted to be working in partnership with The Greenhouse Undaunted programme at Imperial to support the next generation of climate fintech entrepreneurs."

Our current startups

We’re currently supporting two high-potential climate fintech startups in the sixth cohort of Undaunted’s Greenhouse accelerator. The CGFI-backed start-ups will develop and accelerate innovative solutions to sustainability and climate issues facing finance.

  • – use artificial intelligence to suggest the most effective strategies for combating wildfires. They also provide curated datasets that assess fire risks, valuable for insurance companies.
  • Climate Kick – Climate Kick’s mission is to bridge the gap between green investors and renewable project developers, empowering investors by providing tools to invest and monitor both financial performance and sustainability outcomes. Additionally, they offer affordable and efficient capital solutions to emerging green projects that struggle to secure financing.

About Undaunted

Undaunted is a partnership between Imperial’s Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment and The Royal Institution. Startups graduating from Undaunted’s accelerators have raised more than $1 billion in investment since 2012 and created over 1,500 jobs in 30 countries.