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Asset-level Data Annual Meeting 2020 Report




On 8th June 2020, the GeoAsset Project at the University of Oxford, as part of the Spatial Finance Initiative, partnered with 2° Investing Initiative to host a virtual meeting on asset-level data.

Financial decision-makers face an unprecedented combination of social and environmental risks, and associated opportunities. Understanding these risks at the required level of granularity increasingly means assessing them at the asset level. As its use in investment decision-making evolves, asset-level data is increasingly found alongside satellite imagery and remote sensing data, as well as advanced artificial intelligence analytics.

This meeting took stock of the availability and use of asset level data and how it can contribute to better decision-making. It explored avenues for collaboration on driving asset-level data into the mainstream of risk and opportunity assessment. Most of all, the meeting was a lively forum for discussion, debate and learning for actors across the finance, research and policy spectrum, ranging from investment professionals, to data scientists, to government departments.