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CGFI Events at COP26




CGFI is hosting and presenting at a number of events during COP26.

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Tuesday 2 November 2021: 11.15-12.15

EIB-Benelux Pavilion

Aligning finance with climate-resilient development

Achieving climate-resilient economies and societies will not only require increasing the billions of financial flows for adaptation, but also to drive the trillions of public and private financial flows and investment away from potentially mal-adapted activities towards those that contribute to climate-resilient economies and societies. There is a need to align finance with adaptation and resilience goals. This event brings together leading experts to discuss what would be needed to accelerate progress towards Article 2.1c’s goal of making finance flows consistent with climate-resilient development.

Opening presentation by Michael Mullan (OECD) and Nicola Ranger (CGFI)

Panel discussion featuring:

  • Amal-Lee Amin, Director for Climate Strategy, CDC Group 
  • Ben Caldecott, Director, UK Centre for Greening Finance and Investment  
  • Alan Smith, Senior Advisor – ESG Risk and Inclusion, HSBC 
  • Stephen O’Driscoll, Head of Environment, Climate and Social Policy, EIB (tbc) 

Facilitation by Ingrid Barnsley, Deputy Director, Environment Directorate (OECD)

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Wednesday 3rd November: 13:00 – 14:00

COP26 Science Pavilion and online

How can climate-informed stress testing support a more resilience global economy and society?
Hosted by the UK Centre for Greening Finance and Investment and UK Met Office with the Bank of England, Banco de México, De Nederlandsche Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. We explore the role that stress testing plays and how financial institutions can leverage the best available science to build resilience.

Monday 8th November: 9:00 – 12:00

Launch of Global Resilience Index, supported by partners CCRI, UNDRR, CDRI, CGFI and IDF to help enable open access reference information for climate risk measurement and disclosure and to support the growth of resilient economies and societies.

Thursday 11th November: 13:15 – 15:15

Panel discussion on “The emerging intersection of smart space and finance: Spatial finance in support of climate action” curated by University of Oxford and the Spatial Finance Initiative. Venue: Space & Geospatial Pavilion for COP26, organised by Knowledge Exchange Network (KTN).

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