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Chris Cormack

Managing Director
Quant Foundry


Dr Chris Cormack is co-founder and Managing Director of Quant Foundry an innovative company that has designed and built novel risk methodologies to assist in the measurement of climate risks. He is also active in areas of artificial intelligence research with specific applications in agriculture and finance.

In terms of background Chris is a former lecturer at the University of London and researcher at CERN, DESY and Stanford. After academia he built a career in finance where, as a former Head of Traded Market Risk and risk model designer across counterparty credit, operational and market risk has considerable expertise in financial risk assessment and management.

Chris’s primary interest are focused on enhancing climate risk methodologies, both as a professional engagement and through academic engagements to improve the capability and understanding of climate risk measurement and mitigation. He has been actively involved in recent research activities as an Honorary Research Fellow at the CCFI at Imperial College and currently as an associate business fellow within the UK’s Centre for Greening the Financial System (CGFI) where he is involved in developing ideas in transition risk management.

Chris has a keen interest in investigating new solutions in agriculture to improve sustainable farming for both arable and livestock farming. Quant Foundry was recently awarded an Innovate UK research grant to develop new artificial intelligence solutions to improve cattle welfare. His other interests include means improve sustainability solutions including new technologies to improv crop yield, enhance crop nutrition and means to reduce the impact on the environment from livestock farming. As part of this process, he is interested in technology and finance solutions to enhance carbon trading to improve and diversify farming economics. Chris is also an advisor to an impact driven private equity fund where he provides insight to opportunities in the agricultural sector.

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