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Claire Burke

Head of Applied Science
Zulu Ecosystems


After completing a PhD in astrophysics, Dr Claire Burke turned her attention back to Earth to help solve the biggest challenges society has ever faced – climate change. She has more than a decade of interdisciplinary experience, bringing expertise from physics, data science and natural sciences together to solve problems previously considered impossible.

Claire has worked at the Met Office and multiple universities, and has collaborated with large NGOs including the WWF and the Institute of Physics. Her work and ability to communicate science to a non-specialist audience has been recognised with awards from the IoP, the British Science Association and the UK Government.

Claire is Head of Ecosystem Science at natcap. She previously led the science team at Climate X, developing quantitative climate risk solutions, based in robust science and geared specifically towards the finance sector.

Claire’s interests are mainly in physical risk, developing data and best practice standards for finance and industry, and improving industry understanding in the physical aspects of climate change.

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