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Call for Associate Business Fellows




Rolling application process

On an ongoing basis we are recruiting Associate Business Fellows, each with significant knowledge of financial institutions and significant expertise in the integration of climate and environmental analytics into financial decision-making. These appointments will be part time, flexible, and unpaid, and the term of appointment is one year in the first instance and renewable based on performance.

We are looking for individuals with an expertise and interest in climate and environmental issues and their implications for the financial system and financial decision-making, particularly the following topics: wind and flood risks in portfolios; physical climate risk across infrastructure and supply chains; litigation risk and environmental damages; transition risk and alignment; and TCFD/TNFD disclosures. The Fellows will help apply academic research in real world contexts, translate research outputs into usable formats, support training and capacity building activities and overall support the mainstreaming of climate and environmental analytics in financial decision-making.

We expect Fellows to inform CGFI about financial institution requirements and needs, help CGFI develop products and tools tailored to financial institution workflows, and champion the use of climate and analytics across their organisation and the financial services more broadly. This will involve contributing to open publications, data outputs and events.

The positions are part-time, and applicants are expected to retain a primary affiliation with another organisation during the duration of their appointment. This is a non-remunerated, non-stipendiary position that will not result in a UK work visa. Time commitments are flexible. Ideally applicants will be working for a financial institution, financial profession, or financial services provider. Applicants must demonstrate that their organisation is supportive of their application and see value in the applicant spending a proportion of their time as an Associate Business Fellow.

Fellows will be able to support research and projects in line with their personal interests or those of their organisation and will bring back to their organisation a much better understanding of climate and environmental analytics for finance, as well as enhanced networks and renewed confidence to tackle issues related to greening finance and investment. The exact terms of engagement will be finalised on a one-to-one basis.

As part of this opportunity, the Fellows will be able to work alongside world-leading researchers and other CGFI partners. We will introduce Fellows to the world-class research facilities and networks at the CGFI partner institutions in Oxford, Bristol, Leeds, London, and Reading. Associate Business Fellows will be affiliated with the UK Centre for Greening Finance and Investment.

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