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TPT updates on building momentum for transition plans




Watch the TPT’s update video, featuring Dr Ben Caldecott, Dr Kate Levick (E3G), Ira Poensgen and Jacques Morris.


The Transition Plan Taskforce (TPT) has announced sectors selected for additional guidance, to supplement its Disclosure Framework. These sectors include: Asset Management, Asset Owners, Banking, Electric Utilities and Power Generators, Food and Agriculture, Metals and Mining, and Oil and Gas.

The TPT is also publishing headlines from its consultation on the draft Framework with strong support expressed for TPT’s approach to creating a gold standard for best practice transition plans. Other topics raised include the importance of international alignment, the demand for more use-case examples, the need for a strategic approach to managing climate risks, and recognition that some areas of disclosure are more difficult than others, for users and preparers of transition plans. 

The TPT is using this feedback to inform the development of the final Framework and Implementation Guidance to be published from October 2023.

CGFI is joint Secretariat for the TPT. Find out more about the TPT’s work.