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Fai Fung

Co-Lead, User Requirements and Product Design


Fai Fung is a senior research fellow at the University of Bristol investigating the translation of climate change science into information that is useful and used to support the building of resilience. He also leads a team at the UK Met Office that are custodians of the UK Climate Projections and its climate service that helps build capacity of UK organisations to use climate information.

Fai is exploring how the tools developed by CGFI flow through an organisation once they are handed over. The objective is to understand the characteristics of climate information required to gain traction and become embedded in everyday practice across organisations .

Having a background in civil and environmental engineering and fluid dynamics, Fai has been working in climate change adaptation for about 20 years. His research has primarily focused on understanding the nature of information that can support climate change risk assessments and adaptation decision-making in the UK and globally. Starting in water resources management, his interests now include multiple sectors and methods including the role of generative AI and collective intelligence in improving climate services.

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