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Innovate UK, the UK’s national innovation agency, is funding innovative solutions that integrate climate and environmental factors into financial services through its SBRI – Climate and Environmental Risk Analytics for Resilient Finance competition. CGFI is supporting Innovate UK and successful applicants to deliver the next generation of green finance analytics through expert advice and connecting applicants with potential users to shape the development of these innovative solutions early on.

The projects below are funded in the first phase of the competition under the Public Sector Investment theme.

Financial Risk Analysis for Climate and the Environment (FRACE)

FRACE embeds environmental and climate risk analysis into the financial decision making for property investors. It combines property asset details with finance accounting information in a model that allows the implications of different scenarios related to net zero to be investigated.

FRACE will use advanced accounting techniques to model these risks as discounts on future projected value of assets. This method turns softly qualified environmental risk into hard measurable impacts to a company’s balance sheet and future project revenues and costs.