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UK Green Finance Strategy 2023 – CGFI announces development of new Transition Finance Centre of Excellence




The UK Centre for Greening Finance and Investment today announces the development of a new Transition Finance Centre of Excellence with the University of Oxford and funding from Banco Santander.

Included in the UK Government’s new Green Finance Strategy 2023, the Centre will play a leading role in defining aspects of transition finance such as best practice sectoral transition plans and developing new capabilities for practitioners.

The Green Finance Strategy also features the CGFI in its content on Data and Analytics, highlighting our applied research; open tools and datasets; provision of expertise to industry and policymakers; support for commercial innovation; and role in connecting wider UK science and innovation with financial institutions.

Additionally, the Strategy highlights the role of the Transition Plan Taskforce (for which CGFI is joint Secretariat) in its approach to climate transition plans and the UK as a Net Zero-aligned Financial Centre, as well as featuring TPT work and initiatives such as the TPT Sandbox.

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